Our Name and Our Story

Our firm is called "At Your Pace" for a reason. In several assisted transactions our founder, Jon,  questioned if he was being rushed to the signing table. That's not only where the home buying/selling process ends, but it's also where real estate agents get paid.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with paying an agent a commission for their help. There is a TON of work that a good agent does on both sides of a real estate transaction, whether it be driving people around to find THE perfect house, paying for MLS services to create instant notifications for clients, creating Comparative Market Analyses, paying state real estate licensing fees and lock-box opening fees, arranging financing options and home inspection options, paying Realtor® fees, creating social media advertising, scheduling photographers and home stagers, helping with insurance agencies, etc.

In addition to all that, your agent's fiduciary duty to you is to make sure you know when you are about to do something that may not be in your best interest, even if this might cause a delay in the closing date. Your agent MUST be ok with this!

Jon wasn't sure that was always the case in the past, but it will definitely be the case with the transactions that AYP manages. Yes, we need to close a transaction to get paid. But ... we ... are ... in ... no ... rush! 

In fact, the firm was almost named No Rush Real Estate, but that missed the point since we can also go as FAST as you need to go.

Either way, our fiduciary duty is to you. A satisfied buyer or seller is our end goal. Why? It's not because that usually leads to referrals. It's because it's quite simply the right mindset to have! A good agent will get you a good deal; a great agent will ensure your interests come above and beyond anything else. That is the Mission of At Your Pace Realty!