Use this page to see available inventory in MLS. To get started:

  1. Fill in the form below and then click Apply in the upper right part of the form. The more information you can provide the better filtered your results will be. In fact, it's best to be as specific as possible initially and then gradually set values outside those initial bounds to increase the number of results. Also, if you know the subdivision in which you have an interest, it's best to type it in. You can click the Search icon to the right of the field and type a few characters to more quickly and accurately get the correct name.
  2. After you've clicked Apply and seen the results, click the Filters+ button at the top of the form to edit your filters as you see fit.

Once you've clicked Apply, on the left you'll see a map of homes that meet your criteria  as well as a list of those home on the right. If you like a particular home, simply click the heart icon to add it as a possibility. Want to see a home? Please click the "Sign up with Jon Butler" link at the top of the form. Don't worry - you're not signing up for anything! But it will let me know if there's a home you'd like to see, and I'll be more than happy to help you with that!