• Want to know the estimated value of your home?
  • Want to know the estimated value of the home across the street?
  • Want to know the estimated value of that house you just passed in your car?



Buying or Selling a Home *IS* a Complex Process

Whether you are a buyer or seller, will your agent inform you about potential Mechanics Liens? Clouds on the Title? Easements? Encumbrances? Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions? Special Assessments? Taxes? Financing?

There are so many ways to get SCORCHED in a real estate transaction, with repercussions that can last far past simply signing a contract. Don't you want someone in your corner whose first and only concern is YOU? At AYP we take stewardship of your concerns seriously and will do everything we can to advance your best interests.


No Rush to the Table Here

If you are a Buyer you should know that AYP is not focused on rushing you to the closing table so we can get a commission check. Instead we are focused on helping you find the right home at the right price and with enough time for you to be comfortable with the process

If you are a Seller we won't rush you to set a low price on your property just to get a line of buyers outside your door. We'll help you understand what the market says about your property and how to work within those parameters. We take our fiduciary responsibility to you seriously.


$1,000 Says We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

At ...Your...Pace! Want to go fast? We can! Want to take it slow? We can go as slow as you need.

And we don't just say "Oh, you'll be happy with us!" We mean it! If, after closing and recording, you are not satisfied with how we've represented you we will refund you $1,000 of your costs.

What about Price? New Technology? Do I Really Need to Go to the Trouble?

All great and valid questions. Here are the answers:


I don't set the price of your house and you don't set the price of your house: the market does! And while it's a possibility to set the price high and get an interested buyer, unless that buyer is paying cash the house will need to appraise for the sales amount. If it doesn't and the buyer can't find the extra money, the deal is OVER! Worse, your house may have been under contract and now it has a negative stigma associated with it. Those other interested, potential buyers who saw it have now come up with reasons to not like it so that they don't have think about the fact that they really couldn't afford it. At this point you've been on the market for too long and have lost too many buyers. It usually takes a substantial reduction to entice those first buyers to come back - not not a good situation!


Technology is great! Who hasn't used Zillow and other apps to look at homes? But aside from the fact that many "listings" may have expired or been withdrawn or sold (I mean, really, a seller is going to go to the trouble to make listing updates ... on an app?!?), Zillow is not up to date with new listings. In today's market you have to act fast! Wouldn't you rather have technology that texts or emails you the moment something meeting your criteria is available? Yes, click the preceding link ... I can hep you with that!


What about all the other programs where someone will buy my home and I don't have to go through the trouble of selling it? Sure, if you live in a $300,000 I'm happy to offer you $250,000 cash for it and let you move out with ease. Then I turn around and put it on the market and make 20% on YOUR HOUSE! Or I may make a few improvements and then sell you house for a lot more! At the end of the day, let's go back to the first point. The market really sets your home price and I can create a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) that will help you price your home correctly (if selling) or understand if a home is priced fairly (if buying). Don't get talked into not doing a CMA with a qualified professional.

So Now What?!?

Call me and let me help you. Let me set up notifications for you so that you never miss hearing about new homes on the market and don't waste time poring over old photos of homes that have already sold! Let's work together: 704-904-4444.

Not ready to call? Then get the app on your phone and look on your own. Then call me when you are ready!

Either way I am eager to help you go At Your Pace!!!